The Incomparable Podcast — In Numbers

Note: This is a work in progress.
I have a lot in mind for this project, but I really really should be studying right now.


Well, Jason Snell tweeted a graph of The Incomparable runtimes.
As a big fan of the podcast and an aspiring nerd, I asked for the data, obviously.
I was happy to receive his .numbers file, but unfortunately it only contained two variables - the two needed for the plot.
Jason replied he could get more metadata if I liked and since I really really would like that, I rushed to set up this repository and put on my data-pants.
A short time after that, Jason delivered magnificiently.
And now my analysis begins.


The Incomparable has been running since 2010-08-22, with 312 released so far.
An average episode of the podcast is 78.3 minutes long, with a total runtime of 407.2 hours, or roughly 17 days. The most frequent category is Movies with 83 episodes.

Episodes Counts

Episodes per Month / Year

Average Episode Count per Month

Episodes per Year


Histogram of All Episode Runtimes

Scatterplot of All Episodes

The episode numbers in this are slightly off, due to The Summer Superhero Spectacular, which foiled my plans of representing the episode numbers numerically. I therefore numbered the episodes chronologically, so for example, episode number 258 is the 258th episode aired, but relative to the show’s numbering, it’s still part of 255.

Average Runtime per Person

Runtime per Number of Panelists

Runtime by Host

Runtime over Time

Over Years

Over Years/Months

Topics / Categories

Categories by Average Episode Duration

Segments by Average Episode Duration


Appearances by Category


  • Thanks to Jason for setting up the stats.txt files I parsed for the data.
  • Thanks to Juba for the RMarkdown template

Lukas — @jemus42

2016-07-12 06:13 UTC