The Incomparable Radio Network — In Numbers

The Incomparable Radio Network spans 19 shows (including the Bonus Track, but not including the Greatest Hits feed), 205 people and a combined runtime of over 51 days spread across 1393 episodes.
That’s quite a lot.

In 2015, there were 541 episodes published, and based on the average release frequencies, there will probably be 683 episodes in 2016. We’re currently about 48% of the way there at 325 episodes.

This data is up to date up until 2016-07-11 and updates automagically via a @daily cronjob.
All the data (including those printed in bold) and all the plots are refreshed then.
See the repository for a note on how this analysis started. And the code. And stuff.



Episodes Count (Total)

Episodes per Year

All Shows

Episodes per Week


Per Show


All Shows

Overall Runtimes

Runtime per Week

Runtime per Show per Episode

You can manually select shows from the list to the right, mousover reveals episode info.

Total Runtime by Show

Average Runtime per Show

Runtime by Number of Panelists

Minutes per Person


People Involved

Shows by People Counts

Appearances in Total

Appearances by Category


  • Thanks to Jason for setting up the stats.txt files I parsed for the data.
  • Thanks to Juba for the RMarkdown template

Lukas — @jemus42

2016-07-12 06:12 UTC